Nick Nelson and I took the Bonanza flying to complete my night currency which was due at the end of this month. We had no real plan, but, seeing as Nick and I have not flown much lately we made an adventure out of it - 11 airports in the DFW Metroplex in one flight.

KADS - Addison Airport
KDTO - Denton Enterprise Airport (+1 Go Around - Terrible procedure on my part)
KAFW - Fort Worth Alliance Airport
KFTW - Fort Worth Meacham International Airport
KFWS - Fort Worth Spinks Airport
KGKY - Arlington Municipal Airport
KGPM - Grand Prairie Municipal Airport
KRBD - Dallas Executive Airport
KHQZ - Mesquite Metro Airport (Original fuel stop, pump out of service)
KSWI - Sherman Municipal Airport (Fuel Stop)
KTKI - McKinney National Airport
KADS - Addison Airport

It took us a matter of 2 hours and 38 minutes to complete the whole trip. Quite a leisurely pace for a V-Tail Bonanza. Overall, the plane performed great and I had the opportunity of getting a lot of night landing practice by making the loop around DFW.

For those where the iframe above may not load appropriately, here is a static image of our route:

Route - Static

N4FH in Hangar

To many more safe landings,