11 Different Airports (and 1 Go-Around) in 1 Flight

Nick Nelson and I took the Bonanza flying to complete my night currency which was due at the end of this month. We had no real plan, but, seeing as Nick and I have not flown much lately we made an adventure out of it - 11 airports in the DFW Metroplex in one flight. KADS - Addison Airport KDTO - Denton Enterprise Airport (+1 Go Around - Terrible procedure on my part) KAFW - Fort Worth Alliance Airport KFTW - Fort Worth Meacham International Airport KFWS - Fort Worth Spinks Airport KGKY - Arlington Municipal Airport KGPM - Grand »

[Tutorial] More complex routing with optional parameters - NodeJS, Express & MySQL

In this tutorial I explained how to create a simple Express based API. The goal of this tutorial is to: Create routes with multiple parameters Use the MySQL npm [github] using MySQL strings for arguments I will be using the same dataset from earlier. Bureau of Transportation Statistics on airline cancellation of flights. You can download the dataset here. As a simple example, what if you wanted to find the number of cancellations, and the reasoning, behind all flights departing Los Angeles International Airport and an optional argument for a destination, say John F. Kennedy International Airport. So, we would »

[Tutorial] Build an API for Geckoboard Datasets w/ Node, Express & MySQL

I am a huge believer in leveraging APIs as it allows for the consumption of data in an easier (and, often more sane) means. If you are unfamiliar with APIs, there is a great article of which I recommend you read here. The goal of this tutorial is to have you be able to build your first API and import data into Geckoboard's dataset feature. Goals: Be able to create a simple API with no additional parameters Connect to MySQL to pull the latest data Have the relevant data sent to Geckoboard in set interval I will be creating a »

Ghost with MaxCDN - 10,000 Requests per Second on a 2 GB Ubuntu Server

I was recently introduced to Ghost, a new free and open source blogging platform. I was visiting jsDelivr and reading up on their founder, Dmitriy Akulov, and his amazing blog. I saw he was using Ghost and thought I would give it a shot. What led me to use Ghost? I have long been a huge fan (and, still am!) of WordPress, having worked with it since Thelonious, simply known as version 3.0. In recent years WordPress has grown significantly but with one caveat - it seems to be moving away from individuals who only want a simple way »